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Blue Winds and Waves

Northwood House

Things to do - Local to Cowes

Northwood House and Gardens

Dates back to 1799 and a has a lovely children’s park there and ample space for your children to run with park benches and tables to have a picnic on.

There is also a Gnome house although sadly he’s never in when we go to visit. 😉

Walk along the Promenade

There is a lovely walk along the promenade to Gurnard but watch out when you pass the Royal London Yacht club as if there are sailing they may fire their canons and it can give you a scare!

Girls at Northwood
Girls at Northwood

Cowes Beaches

The beach in Cowes is shingles although there is an area of grass just past the esplanade that many like to picnic on. If you want to walk further to Gurnard beach, which is also shingles, there is a local pub called the Woodvale that has average English pub food and a beach café with great BLT’s and home made cakes.

Have a look at this page for other beaches.

Gurnard Beach
Gurnard Beach


There is the Sir Max Aitken, The Classic Boat and Cowes Maritime, The Wight Military and Heritage Museum’s you can also visit in the town.


We also have a small theatre called the Trinity theatre that the local amateur operatic and dramatic society put on regular shows and sometimes it’s used for cinema shows.